Emma Howes & Justin Kennedy

in collaboration with Balz Isler

Emma Howes * 1976 in Richmond Hill, CA 
Justin Kennedy * 1983 in Saint Croix, VI 
Balz Isler * 1982 in Zurich, CH

11. Berlin Biennale

UNFURL: a lucid sci-fi opera, 2020
Ca. 60'
Performance and Musical Composition by, with, and for Emma Howes, Balz Isler, Justin Kennedy, and special guests Nkisi and Ethan Brown

Costume Design: Beate Huss
Make-up and Special Effects Consultant: Caterina Veronesi
Sculptures and Props from Molds: Emma Howes Carpentry
Construction: Balz Isler
Courtesy Emma Howes, Balz Isler, and Justin Kennedy

Commissioned and coproduced by the 11th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art
Special thanks to Jarrett Gregory, Daniel Rubin, VERY Project Space, Berlin Glas e. V.

With, by, for Emma Howes, Justin Kennedy, Balz Isler, Nkisi, Ethan Braun, Beate Huss
Courtesy Emma Howes and Justin Kennedy

Emma Howes:
Bird of Paradise oder U.F.O. UFFooooo Magic Mountain Cowboy Hat, 2020
Water based marker on paper

Bell Bird of Paradise Jingle Jangle Shoulder Lapels Confetti Augen, 2020
Water based marker on paper

All works courtesy Emma Howes

The Canadian participation at the 11th Berlin Biennale is part of Canada’s culture program as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair. It is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Government of Canada.