Sinethemba Twalo & Jabu Arnell

10. Berlin Biennale

A Kind of Black: an emergent poetics of the imminent unknown, 2018

An Epigraph of (Im)possibility (Cri du Cœur), 2018
Video, color, sound

Flaccid and Erect (unfulfilled desire), 2018
Reed, bamboo, wood, sponge, cloth, sound

Throwing Shade Black Unicorn, 2018
Video, color, sound, speaker cones, 2′33′′ Sound Kari Kra by Ismaël Imansoeradi

Abandoning the Scene of History (Petit Marronage), 2018
Sound, 16′03′′

Real Time (Too), 2018
Text, image

Throwing Shade Black Unicorn, 2018
Video, sound 52′′

It’s Out Of My Hands (The Package), 2018
Mixed media

All works Courtesy Sinethemba Twalo and Jabu Arnell
Spatialization and mix by Hugo Esquinca Villafuerte
Thanks to Ismaël Imansoeradi, Rosalie Ravensteijn and Toon Beerens

Commissioned and coproduced by Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art
With the support of Ammodo Foundation; Mondriaan Fund; Botschaft des Königreichs der Niederlande, Berlin; Thami Mnyele Foundation