Christopher Kulendran Thomas

* 1979 in London

9. Berlin Biennale

New Eelam, 2016
Mixed media

Developed in collaboration with Annika Kuhlmann
Film Production Klein and West, Mark Reynolds with music by Ella & Florian Zwietnig, produced by Annika Kuhlmann and Jelena Goldbach
Design Manuel Bürger, Jan Gieseking
Architecture Martti Kalliala
Production Design Marcelo Alves
Biosphere Matteo Greco
Creative Director Annika Kuhlmann

Courtesy Christopher Kulendran Thomas; New Galerie, Paris
Commissioned and coproduced by Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art
With the support of Noirmont Art Production, Paris

Thanks to
NEW TENDECY, Niklas Bildstein, Christian Weinecke,
REC Bauelemente, e15, Fundamental,
GIRLOON – carpet made in Germany