Gagosian Gallery, Berlin

Auguststraße 50a, 10117 Berlin

Exhibition venue of the 4th Berlin Biennale

Gagosian Gallery, Berlin, located at Auguststrasse 50A, was a site for the presentation of spontaneous and intuitive, adventurous and unhindered exhibitions and events for and about the city of Berlin, Germany, and beyond.

Unlike many other international urban art centers, Berlin is unique in that it is run by creators of culture rather than consumers: artists and artist-run spaces have a crucial role in the diffusion of contemporary art in Berlin. The 4th berlin biennial curators – Maurizio Cattelan, Massimiliano Gioni, and Ali Subotnick – played with this situation, by opening a guerrilla franchise gallery.

A knock-off version of a global brand, Gagosian Gallery in Berlin presented one exhibition per month, carrying out an independent program that functioned as an extension of the 4th Berlin Biennial. Like a poor, distant cousin, Gagosian Gallery in Berlin had no commercial aspirations or resources and relied entirely on the spirit of the artistic community: no works have been for sale at Gagosian Gallery, Berlin.